New Product ~ NEL-200~400 Series ( 200~400W Ultra Low Profile Sign Panel Power Supply)

▣ Introduction After releasing HSP-150/250 and HDP-190/240, the high performance sign panel power supplies, Mean Well unveils the 200~400W ultra low profile economic sign panel power supply, NEL-200/300/400 series. The NEL series adopts the 30mm ultra low profile design that allows the height and weight of the sign module to be lowered, lessening the manufacture cost as well as relieving the inconvenience from installation. In addition, this series incorporates non PFC design, achieving a high efficiency up to 87% with a low cost that it enhances the system performance, and achieves energy saving and electricity expense reduction. The whole series takes the input range between 180VAC and 264VAC; the output voltage of 2.8V/4.2V/5V are provided that the sign panel driver ICs of both the old and the new generation can work with, greatly raising the system design flexibility. NEL-200 exploits the cooling mechanism by the free air convection whereas NEL -300/400 by the built-in fan; the entire NEL series can work under -20℃ through +60℃ that it meets both the indoor and outdoor temperature requirements. Moreover, since the sign panels are mostly installed in a highly dusty and highly humid environment, conformal coating is applied to the PCB for the complete NEL series so as to provide the fundamental resistance to moisture and dust. Other built-in standard functions include short circuit protection, over load protection, over voltage protection, and over temperature protection. The NEL series is certified with UL60950-1 that further assures the safety when it is powered up. The suitable applications include indoor and outdoor LED electronic signage, LED moving signs, LED TV walls, and etc. ▣ Feature • 30mm low profile design, fits 1U installation • AC input 180~264VAC • Withstand 300VAC surge up to 5 seconds • High efficiency up to 87% • Leakage current < 1mA • 200W: cooled by free air convection; 300/400W: cooled by built-in fan • Working temperature: -20~+60℃ • Protection: Short circuit, Over load, Over voltage, Over temperature • Output voltage adjustable(2.8V:2.5~3V, 4.2V: 3.6~4.4V, 5V: 4.5~5.5V) • Conformal coating applied • LED indicator for power on • Certificate:UL60950-1 • Dimension(LxWxH): 215x115x30mm • 2 years warranty